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DVD Vol. 3

Price: 12.99
Shipping: $1.50

We are excited to announce that OYBM DVD Vol. 3 is now available here for ordering online!
DVD Vol. 3 features 10 short films including Camille Manybeads award winning short, “In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman.”
All proceeds from DVD sales directly support OYBM’s projects.


In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman (25m41s)
A Navajo teen who finds her own strengths through talking with her Grandmother and learning about their ancestral history.

Sheep Camp (3m54s)
A young boy’s conversation with his grandpa stirs his imagination about sheep camp.

Thanks Taking
On a calm day in 1492 something happened…

Skary Skool (3m13s)
School is a nightmare for a young Dine’ high school girl until she has a talk with her Grandma.

Pirate Boy (3m57s)
A young boy who has no friends dreams he is a pirate.

Jack and The Giant Power Plant (1m44s)
An animation that tells about a Navajo Man who unplugs a power plant to resources on his lands.

Know Your Rights (2m20s)
Immigrant families have been torn apart by raids.

Why the Violence? (2m09s)
Skateboarding graffiti artist faces a new challenge.

The Sun Sets on Twilight (5m31s)
The Sun Sets on Twilight is a Parody/Documentary of the movie Twilight.

Legend of the Weresheep (2m35s)
A sheep drinks water from a toxic factory and turns into a zombie.


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