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Here’s some pics from OYBM’s recent May 2012 workshop.
We we’re excited to welcome MinT (Mentor in Training) Steven Toya!
He definitely held it down when we had a minor emergency…
We had four teams which swelled to more than 25 participants.
This workshop was challenging because we made the leap with every team editing on Final Cut Pro X (which, if you havent heard is fairly controversial in the indy filmmaker world for its complete redesign).
So of course we had tech issues (what’s a workshop without atleast a few?), but each team was able to produce and screen some very powerful and engaging shorts!
A comedy based on cultural issues, a documentary based on two poems, a horror film, & a narrative about how substance abuse impacts youth.

The last day of the workshop was especially intense due to multiple events coinciding, a Navajo Taco sale to benefit OYBMer’s trip to Seattle Wash. for a filmmaking workshop, an all ages show next door at Taala Hooghan, & the solar eclipse (which traditional Dine’ have protocol during).

Special thanks to all the volunteer mentors ,the cooks! (Marc & Jamie from punk/hardcore group Let the World Die made an awesome stew on Saturday!), and the awesome participants!

p.s. OYBMer’s are still fund-raising for the trip to Seattle, please click the donate tab to the right and support their efforts!

For (Media) Justice!

– Klee Benally

OYBM Volunteer/Coordinator



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