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We started out with a goal to raise $10,000 in 30 days.
29 days and 77 contributions later we are halfway to our goal.
(We’ve also received more direct donations through and other fundraisers.)

Within the next 35 hours we need your support by emailing, sharing on your social media sites, blogging, and calling your friends and family to join the effort to raise funds for initial down payment to purchase our community center.
We know that with your support we can get as close to our funding goal as possible!

Our campaign is also now featured on’s blog! Check it out:

If you’ve already donated, thank you so much for your support as it will ensure that our vision and work for more healthy & just communities in Northern Arizona is sustained.

Please share this link:

Donations can start at $5 and we’re offering some creative rewards for folks who contribute. If we reach (or hopefully surpass) our goal, our project gets additional benefits from Rockethub and we are charged a smaller percentage for their services.

More information about our all-volunteer/community supported work:

You can also view and share our video:

Please remember, this is the beginning of our effort to purchase the building, we will need your continued support to ensure our vision & work are successful and effective.

Thank you again for your support to purchase this community center for art and activism in Northern, AZ!

Ahee’ hee’,
Klee Benally
Silei Community Empowerment Project Volunteer



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