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Outta Your Backpack Media: 5 Years at our Media Center and New Levels of Excitement!

We need your support for Indigenous Youth Media Justice, please contribute today!

OYBM-2012-2013 PROJECT REPORT/PROPOSAL (NOTE THIS REPORT/PROPOSAL HAS BEEN UPDATED) – Please email a request for a new copy.

2012 has been one of the most successful and effective years for OYBM. On Oct. 25, 2012, OYBM celebrated our fifth year operating the Youth Media Arts Center!

We have been as busy as ever at our media center, we have trained 12 new youth mentors, or Mentors IN Training (MINTS) as we like to call them, and we are excited to welcome 8 new organizational members to our team! We have also been busy restructuring and reorganizing OYBM much of the work was done at a 4 day retreat that we hosted and we will begin our one-year organizational development plan that will continue through 2013.

This year we have also sent 10 Indigenous youth on a 1,200 mile trek to participate in SuperFly Filmmaking Experience Workshop 2012 in Seattle, WA. OYBM Collective mentor Shelby Ray was invited to facilitate one of the workshop groups. Needless to say they had a blast!


We truly need our help to keep this momentum growing!


We are still 100% volunteer operated and community based. We are really excited with all the work that has been done and even more excited with all the work that we can do, we couldn’t have grown this much and come this far without your support. Since we are growing even more this year we need your support more than ever! Part of our practice is to be community supported and not solely dependent on foundations and grants, that’s where you come in. Please visit our website and learn how you can effectively support our work. It’s not just about money either! You can volunteer, donate equipment, help renovate our media center, and much more. 


Donate directly online at:

Please contact us at for tax deductible donations.

You can also purchase OYBM DVD Vol 4 & Organic Coffee for a $25 donation!

If you know of any foundations or grants we may be eligible for, please let us know.


OYBM is also in the process of transitioning from Communities for a Better Environment as our fiscal sponsor to become a full project of Silei Community Empowerment Project (SCEP). Also, SCEP and OYBM are currently in the process of acquiring 501c3 non-profit status, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2012!

Not only have we transitioned to a new partner and are hoping to receive our non-profit status SCEP has purchased the building and property that we currently call home. We believe this is the perfect partnership to cultivate our full potential and to continue to support youth empowerment. We have been really excited to become a full project with SCEP and we’ve been helping as much as possible to purchase the building. We’ve produced a 10 minute short video promoting Silei Community Empowerment Project’s crowdfunding campaign, as well as recorded two musicians for CD compilation benefiting SCEP.


Aside from reorganizing OYBM and partnering with SCEP OYBM has continued to do the work to empower youth. We’ve hosted 10 free workshops and presentations reaching and empowering more than 200 youth with media literacy and production skills. On top of that we have held 5 community screenings of our films, and screened films at regional and national film festivals. Also, OYBM has provided free after school filmmaking workspace and fun activities including film screenings and game nights for dozens of neighborhood youth.

We have also documented community events such as the “March for Human Rights,” “Protect the Peaks Teach-in,” and local protests regarding environmental and social justice work.

On top of all that we have produced 16 short videos including our “Media Justice League” video showcasing new production skills with DSLR filmmaking. As well as filmed a music video for Navajo electro-pop duo “The Discotays”. You can check out the videos at, if you have not had a chance to see them.

We have also upgraded and purchased equipment to increase workshop participant capacity and film production quality.




The Outta Your Backpack Media Team – Indigenous Youth Empowerment!



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