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New update (March 20, 2013):
Thank you Media Justice Supporters,
We finally have our water turned back on! We couldn’t have done it without your support.
We will now be able to continue to operate and will announce upcoming workshops very soon!
Thank you sooooo much!
– The OYBM Team
Greetings Media Justice Supporters,
Great news, we have reached $1,013.00 of our $1,200.00 goal to get the water turned back on at our media center!
Please consider making a contribution today, we just need $187.00 to reach our goal!
Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far.You can donate directly via right here:
http s://’ hee’,
The OYBM Team

Greetings Media Justice supporter,

Outta Your Backpack Media has recently hit a snag in furthering our work towards Indigenous youth empowerment & media justice.
The water at our media center is off!
We’re sure the first thing you’re asking is how did this happen? We’ll it’s a long story involving zombies and their corrupt string-pulling puppet master politicians… Ok, so we’re exaggerating a little, but there are a few factors that have contributed to this predicament:

1. running out of funds (and not selling enough DVDs, coffee, Navajo Tacos, burritos, & cupcakes to keep up – we’ve already raised $440!).

2. The City of Flagstaff has fined us for allegedly turning on the water when they shut it off! Folks from the infoshop (who we share the water bill responsibility with) have been to the City many times to clarify the matter but City officials have been unwilling to accept the fact that we could have not turned the water on.

So here is where you come in to save the day!
Whether it is $5 or $50 we desperately need your support so we can continue with our work! (Since the water is off there is no way we can ask 30+ youth in a workshop to “hold it.” 🙂

You can donate directly via right here:
http s://

You can mail a check or money order payable to “Outta Your Backpack Media”:
1700 N. 2nd St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

You can also stop by Taala Hooghan Infoshop Tues. – Sat. 3pm-7pm and drop off a donation!

We will be holding a fundraiser Navajo Taco sale on Friday, March 22nd from 11am-4pm at Taala Hoohgan Infoshop.
We also are accepting ANY donations for yard sales!

Here is another way to support:

We now offer affordable and professional creative media services to ecological and social justice organizations which include: businesses, artists, musicians, and community members. Hiring OYBM is a great way to get professional results while supporting Indigenous youth empowerment!

Ahee’ hee’,
Team OYBM:
Shelby Ray
Steven S. Toya
Klee Benally
Princess Benally
Logan Nez
Brandon Yazzie
LesLynn Williams
Toby Manuelito
Jody Manuelito – Indigenous Youth Empowerment!


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