48 Hour Film Challenge & Workshop Registration Form

Registration is required for participation in the workshop & challenge.

(more to be announced on Friday Nov. 22).

The workshop/challenge shoot weekend runs for 48 Hours.
The entire content of the Short film must be shot within the 48 hours of the competition.
This challenge/workshop is open to Indigenous youth ages 10-25.
No prior film making experience is required.

You must be at OYBM Media Center (1700 N 2nd st Flagstaff, AZ 86004) on Friday Nov. 22 at 6pm for an overview and further instruction. (Sorry, no out of town participation.)
Participants will be assigned required elements that must appear in their film on Friday Nov. 22.
You must attend each “check-in” session (to be announced on Friday Nov 22) and be actively participating throughout the challenge/workshop.

If you plan on participating as a group, each participant must fill out the registration form.

The short film must include all the required elements as supplied at the launch, and the required line of dialog must appear in the film exactly as given to be eligible for judging.

The duration of the Short film will be up to 3 minutes, Including your Titles and all end Credits.

All creativity in the development and creation of the film must take place during the “Official Time Period”.
Any creativity work in advance of the competition weekend is prohibited.
Creative work includes, but is not limited to:

– Writing the script
– Rehearsing
– Costume/Set Design
– Shooting
– Editing
– Sound Design
– Rendering
– Outputting to Media

All cast and crew must be volunteers.

Your Short film MUST include the Final closing credit: “This film was made as part of OYBM film making challenge & workshop 48HOURS 2013 “

Don’t include any unlicensed copyrighted material, or sound in your short. This includes images and sounds that may appear in the background such as TV, radio, or music.

Don’t be late. 48 Hours is the time allowed.

48 Hour Filmmaking Registration Form
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