Outta Your Backpack Media Team

Klee Benally (Dine’) – Project Coordinator/Volunteer since
2004 – currently lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. He is the project coordinator of Indigenous Action Media and a volunteer with Protect the Peaks efforts. He has also been an entertainer with the Native American Music Award winning rock group Blackfire (www.blackfire.net) & the internationally acclaimed traditional dance group, The Jones Benally Family.

Princess Benally (Dine’) – Team
Supporter/catering/treasurer – Princess has been a volunteer with OYBM since 2009.
She specializes in makeup, wardrobe, and catering.


Kemara Bahe (Dine’) – Mentor IN Training/volunteer with OYBM. She is 16 years
old and has been with OYBM for 4 years. She is a MINT with OYBM and specializes
in animation and drawing.