Media Center

About the Indigenous Youth Media Arts Center:


Outta Your Backpack Media has established itself in a Youth Media Arts Center in partnership with Taala Hooghan Infoshop in Flagstaff, AZ.
Since 2008, the center has been providing resources, technical training and support for Indigenous youth and emerging youth organizations focused on environmental and social justice issues in the Southwest.

We are located at: 1700 N. 2nd St. Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Our intentions for establishing this center are:

1) To facilitate media justice education and empowerment for youth and Indigenous communities through workshops and mentorship projects. This includes cultural awareness and educational opportunities.

2) Become a youth driven/focused information “clearing house” through video, web and print.

3) Build an autonomous media collective (driven primarily by community support) that has the ability to provide media support for grassroots issues impacting youth, Indigenous peoples and other impacted communities.

4) A space that provides creative self expression for all – to offer a voice to the growing number of youth who have something to say and to deter the youth that have been caught up in attempts to harm themselves through drugs, gang activity, and other issues.

OYBmedia’s space currently provides:

· A meeting, gathering, and screening space for Outta Your Backpack Media and other organizations.

· 3 iMac computers for video and audio editing and high speed internet.

· Media equipment (cameras, mics, etc.) to lend out for associated projects.

· Art supplies and storage space.

· Text and printing capacity.

· Silk screening.

· and more!