Statements of Support

Some statements of support for Silei Community Empowerment Project, OYBM, & Taala Hoogan.
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Julia Butterfly Hill, Activist & Author:

“OYBM is a wonderful organization that gets important messages to a larger audience, empowers young people in having their voices heard and their views seen, and creating a much needed more diverse conversation about the issues facing the community and the world.  I have been a supporter of OYBM for many years and encourage others to support this worthy and worthwhile organization.”

Black Mesa Indigenous Support,

To Whom it may Concern,

Taala Hooghan Info Shop provides a vital and diverse community space in Flagstaff, AZ. As a community
hub, Taala Hooghan offers an amazing array of functions, educational, cultural, social and political opportunities. By opening up their space for community meetings and initiatives, building a lending library, holding monthly discussions on pertinent issues, sharing clothing and food with those who cannot afford those things, sharing garden plots with their neighbors, creating a drug and alcohol free space for youth to go to or play in all age concerts events, this space is unique and irreplaceable. The space was initiated by Indigenous peoples and plays a crucial role for fostering respect for diversity across varying communities. The lending library and resource center aims to share education materials and host events in order to empower people to learn about their her/histories and change their present situations, and work together to create a more just and sustainable world. Taal Hooghan is an example of the world people who go there seek to create.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support works with Navajo communities in Flagstaff and from the Navajo Nation in
movements for human rights and environmental protection. This collective has been fortunate enough to hold a recent annual retreat at Taala Hooghan as well as send hundreds of supporters from around the country to visit and learn from the amazing example the info shop provides.

The Outta Your Backpack Media collective and center is also a great resource in Flagstaff, by giving and
empowering youth to learn how to make their own moves and documentaries or create their own media outlet to report the news that they feel needs to be reported. OYBM has worked with more than 300 youth and produced dozens of short films at free youth workshops, some of which have been screened nationally and internationally at film festivals.

Both Taala Hooghan and OYBM are incredibly important to the community of Flagstaff. We know people all
over the country and who’ve been inspired by this space and the projects and relationships it fosters. We offer these
words of support in the hopes of seeing this space flourish and continue enriching the community of Flagstaff and
beyond for years to come.


Derek Minno Bloom, Liza Minno Bloom, and Berkley Carnine of Black Mesa Indigenous Support