We Are Media Video Mashup

wearemedia-screen-3Welcome to the We Are Media
Video Mashup Challenge!

The most “liked” video will earn the maker(s) a brand spanking new Kodak Vid Camera!


Click here for the editor!

Make a short mashup or original video using OYBM’s online video editor.

You can mashup the files already on the site, upload your own, or use someone else’s uploaded clips! DO NOT UPLOAD VIDEO/AUDIO/IMAGE CLIPS LARGER THAN 25 MB EACH PLEASE!


  • Videos should be no more than 2 minutes
  • Videos should be published to Youtube.com with the tag wearemedia (if you dont already have an account they take a few minutes to set up and are free – otherwise we can upload it to OYBM’s youtube account)
  • Publish your video by 6PM Sat. October 23rd
  • Share your video and get folks to rate it!
  • You can make a video on your own or with a group
  • Only ONE video per person/group please

We will announce the most “liked” video at We Are Media’s closing session!

– If you save your video put your name in the file’s title!

Click here for a backup editor if the link above isn’t working. May not have access to the same content as other editor.